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Let’s think in which fandom they will end

Hermoine would be in the Sherlock fandom, all those smarts and deductions.

Ron would go to Doctor Who. It’s as weird as his family and hey look, he’s ginger.

Harry would belong to Supernatural, fandom of the self-loathing idjits with daddy issues

this post is so accurate I just gaped at it for like 12 seconds

What about Malfoy?

Welcome to Night Vale


whybenedict asked:

john watson, hot pizza delivery guy. sherlock holmes, the guy who orders a lot of pizza and doesnt eat them

wearitcounts answered:

"That’ll be 12.50," John said, handing over what was likely the 14th pizza of the evening.

"Right," Sherlock replied, handing over a few notes, "there you are."

"Right. So, are you just going to keep ordering pizza until the end of my shift?"


"I mean, I could just tell you when that is," John supplied, "and you could just order the one more. And I could bring it to you. And you could invite me in. For pizza."

"For pizza?" Suddenly, Sherlock’s lungs felt awfully difficult to fill.

John winked. “And, you know. Anything else you might like to order.”